Built-in Function List

Basic math operators:
+ n-ary operator, sums all arguments
- n-ary operator, subtracts all following items from the first
* n-ary operator, multiplies all arguments
/ n-ary operator, divides all following items from the first

Comparison operators (all binary):

Advanced math operators:
sqrt value
sin  radians
cos  radians
pow  base, exponent

Program flow:
if    condition
while condition
for   statement, condition, incrementValue
body  statement, statement, ... (returns last statement as value)

Variable functions:
set  variableName, value
get  variableName (returns value)
new  ~variableType (returns an object of the indicated type)
call [~class type|object], [functionName as text], argument, argument, ...

Miscellaneous functions:
print string
rand  (returns 0.0-1.0)

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